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Packaging Regulations

ARTIFYe uses high-quality packaging material.
We also take environmental protection into account.
Our packaging contains a very high percentage of waste paper as this will help to protect the environment.
The German Packaging Ordinance obliges us that the packaging used by us can be recycled after use. For this purpose, we have commissioned the following disposal company:


Note on the disposal of batteries and accumulators 

Due to the official battery disposal regulations, we as a dealer are obliged to point out that batteries and accumulators 
are not allowed to be disposed of through normal household trash. 
You can dispose of batteries and accumulators free of charge through the retailor or specially designated collection points. 
You can also return batteries and accumulators (if purchased from us) to us.

Christianstr. 37
47441 Moers

Please note that your returns must be adequately stamped! 
Insufficiently post-paid packages will not arrive. 
Batteries and accumulators containing pollutants are marked with a crossed-out dustbin 
and one of the following chemical symbols: Cd for cadmium, Hg for mercury, Pb for lead.

Schadstoffhaltige Batterien und Akkus sind mit einer durchgekreuzten Mülltonne und einem der folgenden chemischen Symbole versehen: 
Cd für Cadmium, Hg für Quecksilber, Pb für Blei.

Note on the disposal of electrical appliances

Electrical and electronic equipment must not be disposed of through normal household waste. 
They are to be disposed of at the public collection offices/points of the local municipalities.

Note on the disposal of magnets

Smaller quantities of neodymium or ferrite magnets can be easily disposed together with household waste. 
Larger magnets or bigger quantities of magnets should be taken to a recycling center and disposed with other metals.
You are also very welcome to send us back any magnets for disposal. 
Please ensure that the package is adequately secured for transport and that it is sealed with the necessary stamps. We will then take care of the disposal of your magnets.