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Flex.Fixs Mounting System


The magnet painting mounting system for
the most flexible attachment of your artwork to walls,
ceilings, corners, horizontal, vertical or at an angle.

     4pieces  Set                      
       4 x FIX.PINs
       4 x Screw.Plate
       4 x 3M Glue.Plate
       4 x PIN.Dots (White)
       4 x PIN.Dots (Color choice)

19,99 € tax incl.

According to paragraph 19 and VAT is not displayed in the invoice.

  • - 4pieces Set
  • - 8pieces Set
  • - 12pieces Set
  • - 16pieces Set
  • - 20pieces Set
  • - 24pieces Set

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Everyone has their own individual idea of how they want to present a work of art.
Therefore, the artworks of ARTIFYe's artists are rolled up on delivery
as it has been customary for centuries, 
but you also have the option to immediately order the fantastic
neodymium magnetic mounting system FlexFixs.

With FlexFixs, there are endless creative possibilities to present your painting,
and installation is also a child's play. FlexFixs can be adapted to different shapes.
Your painting can be round, angular or individually shaped,
FlexFixs holds it to the wall, ceiling or around corners, at an angle or straight -
FlexFixs is capable of everything!

ARTIFYe recommends a mounting distance of 50cm or less from point to point.
During this process, you obviously have absolute freedom of decision.

If you have painted the surface on which you want to place your painting
with magnetic paint, you won't even need any dowels.

Furthermore, the variable magnetic attachment allows you to readjust
or replace your painting at any time,
it is entirely up to your creative discretion!





If FlexFixs should not meet your expectations, we would like to give you some additional examples and web links to discover other framing/attachment variants.

Present your painting in a noble baroque frame.

Spanned onto a stretcher frame (with shadow gap frame).

Solid marbled wooden frame, new or antique.

Passe-partout in a narrow, discreet plastic frame.

Freely suspended with aluminum clamp/snap frame.

Extravagantly set behind a glass top.